What’s That I Said?

14 May

I believe when I started this blog, long long ago in a far different time and place, I shared the words of my friend Jen

Blogging is Cheaper Than Therapy.

I blogged last week for therapy and shared how sharing my fitness journey is hard sometimes because I still get hurt by backhanded compliments that make me feel like I’m not losing weight fast enough or that I’m not enough in some way to be ok talking to you about my wellness journey or to give advice to someone else.

I’ve allowed myself to hear the noises in my own head.  My inner fat girl, inner mean girl that says, you can’t get dressed to go work out because you have to run to the store tonight so you can take your rolls to the gym but your rolls aren’t allowed in the grocery store.  Workout when you get home.  And then I never workout at home.  When I let the voices in my head keep me from my own wellness – the voices have won.  Don’t negotiate with the voices.  Silence them. Be stronger than them.  Get moving.

There are women out there, like me, sharing their stories.  Making me feel NOT alone.  They are back of the pack slow runners like I am and there are women faster and slower than me.  The fact is THEY ARE DOING IT.

One of the women in a fitness support group on facebook asked yesterday about how to get over feeling self conscious about running in public.  She was afraid to run, except in secluded places, because people might see her running.

My response was pretty witty so allow me to share:

Don’t you know how self-absorbed everyone else is? I’m kidding. Kind of!

So many of us feel the same – that is why we’re all here. Just think…. if someone else sees YOU doing it and says “hey, I can too” you CHANGED THAT PERSON’S LIFE! I like to believe that me running, me sharing pictures of me being curvy at events is going to help someone else be motivated to be healthier for them, their kid, their spouse…. And maybe that’s me being conceited, whatever, when I quit caring what others thought of me and thought that maybe my changes would help someone else – my whole mindset changed.

BE THE CHANGE. Start with you.

I’m not perfect.  I judge myself.  I think about how I must look showing up to the kids events all sweaty still from a workout or running the bleachers at their practices trying to get the weight off, while other moms play candy crush and gossip.  But I KEEP DOING IT!    Embarrassing myself or not – I can not give up.  I can not stop trying to get healthier for me, the kids, DOC and our future.


First 5K Muddy Buddy April 2012


Last 5K Pittsburgh 5K May 2015

For more on getting active, feeling great, and building a support system of other women who are trying to feel better themselves, these three women are building tribes of women and offering smart sound advice:.

Katie at  KatieK Active: Katie isn’t just selling workout clothes for women of all sizes, she’s building a community of women who #DefineBrave.  Getting fit at any size shouldn’t have any barriers. Visit the KatieK Active site to shop, visit Katie’s blog to learn! To shop use the code AIMEE15 for 15% off and free shipping!

Jill at Running with Curves is fearlessly, bravely sharing her story and working to help other women on their fitness journey.  It isn’t about losing weight – it’s about finding and owning your own health.

and Julie at Fit Mom Revolution is a mom who has been through the yo yo dieting.  She learned to stop beating herself up and letting herself love herself enough to get healthy and is out there helping other women do the same.  With Love Your Body Challenges she’s helping women to change how they look at themselves!

Find your tribe.  Join me on Facebook so we can ask each other the hard questions, like how do I get my thighs to stop rubbing when I run (BODYGLIDE).  Whatever you do – remember to LOVE YOURSELF.

Go.  Be Awesome.  Sparkle on.

I would love to see you on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

(Disclosure, I am a Katie K Active Ambassador and do receive compensation when you purchase outfits through me.  I am in no way compensated from Jullie or Jill – I just think they are badass for helping all women finding fitness at any size.)

Friday Five: Sharing the Fitness Love

8 May

Today’s Friday Five topic is Five Ways to Share Your Love of Fitness. I’m not really in a place to share about fitness right now.


Yeah, that’s kind of what this week has been like.  I can not stop the hungry that attacked after last weekend’s Steel Challenge. I am up five pounds.  I’ve researched and this is totally normal.  I just need to get this back under control.

I need to share race recaps of both the 5K and the Pittsburgh Half Marathon…. but next week.

I did not anticipate being this tired, this hungry, this unmotivated to workout. I’m not sore.  I’m just hella lazy.  I will cut myself some slack because I ran and walked more than 24 miles last weekend and started a new job this week.

Onto ways to share the topic of the day — sharing your love of fitness, running and living a healthy lifestyle.  Or.  You know.  Annoying the crap out of everyone.  (Did you see this article?  Cracked me up, but does have the sting of truth). I’m always afraid that sharing my excitement for a new workout or completing a race will annoy people.  I also don’t want anyone to think I’m always Clean Eating and happy about running.  I so totally am not. I mean – did you see what I ate after the finish line Sunday?


(#WycWyc, I gave the kids the Smiley cookies I received at the finish line.  That is totally wycwyc, y’all and you KNOW IT!)

So, in order to be real and honest, I have to share my truth, struggles, and successes.  Five pound gain – struggle.  Sharing cookies – success.  At my old job, I really felt like I had a strong support system for my fitness and wellness goals. I had a workout buddy.  We ate lunch together so I never packed or ordered food that wasn’t a healthier choice for me. The week after I left, they had a junk food party because I was finally gone and they could eat junk food around me without feeling bad.  Nice, huh?  I appreciate that people don’t like to eat junk around me because I typically don’t, but damn, that was harsh to see the instagram pictures of their doughnuts. Like a thank god Aimee’s gone party.

Much like I’ve spoken of a couple of other times on here, I’m very much in need of people to support me. I need friends and family to help me stay accountable.  I love my fitness and wellness groups on facebook that I’m a part of and its why I keep blogging and sharing on facebook, Twitter, and instagram. However, I judge myself so harshly when I do slip up and I also take the words and actions of others very much to heart.  I get my feelings hurt easily.  So, it’s hard to share everything.

A “you look so nice in that outfit – keep running and you’ll finally start to see the pounds really come off” comment from a loved one puts me in a total tailspin. A backhanded compliment is really my favorite things ever in life. (where is that sarcasm font?)  Poor DOC gets “can you believe she effing said that to me? AUGH! People!  GRRRR….” A LOT. I know that the INTENT is kindness and support… the outcome is far different.

Sharing fitness and wellness is a struggle, but one I’m so proud that I have done.  I’ve met so many amazing people, got to try a lot of new races as an ambassador, got to try new products, learned how to prepare healthier foods for the people that live with me (Doc, the girl and the boy!), and am a healthier happier person than I was in December of 2011.  This is a new life and I’m so thankful I get to share it!

Sorry, this totally isn’t a usual Friday Five.  For Five ideas about sharing fitness check out my girls (Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?!)  for their Friday Five Linkup!


Make it a great weekend.  Love your mommas.  Love to all of YOU MOMMAS!



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Steel Challenge

4 May IMG_0273


Race weekend is officially over.  I’m full of emotions.  I won’t bury the lead.  I finished.  I completed the Steel Challenge:  a back to back 5K and Half Marathon over two days.


I DID THIS.  One mile SIXTEEN times.  IMG_0273 

Look how beautiful these medals are!

BLINGI will write more later about each of the experiences this weekend.  I just wanted to thank each and every person who donated, liked, tweeted, texted, messaged and sent positive vibes to get me to the finish line this weekend.  There were tears, cramps, aches, anger, happiness, laughter and did I mention tears, over the course of two days and the months and years before this.  I thank you for being there with me.

From the bottom of my heart.  THANK YOU.

Jeni. Mandi. Jen. Erin. Shawn. Heidi. Stacey. Ellen. Sarah. Debbie. Jen. Stacy. Joe & Jill. Mar. Heidi and Bob.  THANK YOU for helping me Finish MS with your donations.

For all of these texts and messages.  I love you all for thinking of me.

texts  Thank you Jeni for this gift.  It pushed me through Saturday’s 5K and gave me a reminder for Sunday’s half. (Buy yours at her Facebook page!) 11173429_10152969594852659_1385961011_n

For Mandi who has been my constant workout companion for three years.  These texts and your encouragement kept me going (and a picture of us looking nice. Because there is so much sweat in all of my pictures.)

Mandi Collage 

And my love.  DOC thank you for being a lighthouse.  You shine the light so that I can feel safe in any situation.  Your texts and you being at the finish line – they got me through the last three struggling miles. I love you.  Thanks for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. IMG_0250

Thank you ALL for believing and cheering. 

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Depth Perception

1 May


I’ve always said I don’t play sports like volleyball or softball because I have no depth perception.  I’m terrified of the ball hitting me in the face.  I can’t judge how far a person is away from me to throw the ball. (Also, I’m not very athletic or fast — but I’m a heck of a lot of fun at cheering, but that’s not the point of this story.)

I should have realized that my lack of depth perception was probably true in running.  It has recently come to my attention that I also don’t know how far a mile is.  APPARENTLY I think everything is just a mile or so from where I am to where I want to go.  “We don’t need to call a cab, let’s walk it, it’s just a mile” I said to a friend a couple of weeks ago as we left a wine festival. She had more wine than I did and I was quite confident in my statement and so it was easy for her to believe me. It was actually just under two miles and she texted me the next day to say her feet hurt from walking two miles in flats.  OOPS.  Sorry, M.

I told DOC this morning, in discussing how my new job would change our morning routine, that he could “drop me off on the corner and I could walk to work.  It’s less than a half mile!” He informed me that I am “crazy!  That’s a hill, and a turn and another hill and almost a mile and you’ll end up at work a sweaty mess!” Well, while the sweaty mess part may be true, I just mapquested it.  It’s .78 of a mile.  So, damn near exactly in the middle of my 1/2 and his whole.  But I guess if you want to get all technical – he’s technically closer to being right.  Not that I’ll admit that to him.

But then he said “This is why you thought you could run thirteen miles, you don’t know what a mile is!”


I do not know what one mile is, yet alone thirteen of them.

So I’m going to tackle this half marathon just like that.  One misjudged mile at a time. It’s NOT a half marathon.  It’s one mile, thirteen times.


Captured from Fittsburgh

If you would like to receive text notifications on Sunday as I run the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon  one mile thirteen times, you can sign up here: http://results.xacte.com/track?id=910.  OR you can just be as surprised as I am when I get to the finish and post the pictures on facebook.

Make it a great weekend!  Get out and get your miles in – no matter how far those miles are.

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Packing Up

28 Apr

What to Expect When You’re Expecting.


That’s not right.

I’m thinking of what to pack for Pittsburgh this weekend.  I’m running the 5K on Saturday morning, spending some time with the family on Saturday afternoon and attempting the half on Sunday, then driving home right after, so I know I’m going to need a ton of wardrobe changes for the weekend — just call me Beyonce.  Oooh, wonder if I can have one of those fans follow me around to keep me cool and looking awesome?

I know I need to pack the following:

The shirt my bestie made for me (Visit McAllister Monograms for some cute shirts, teacher gifts and more!)  to wear at Saturday’s 5K.

11076174_843538622407822_2386849784886409837_nThe outfit I received from Katie K Active for being an Ambassador to wear on Sunday.  They sent this one to me RUSH delivery because I said I have to have that Black and Yellow!  Check out Katie K Active and use the code AIMEE15 for 15% off and free shipping!

My favorite hair clip from Clip ‘n Band and a hat to keep the sun off of my face.


My Mizuno Wave Inspires, with my sweat pink laces and my Momentum charm.


My Koss headphones and the iphone for music, podcasts and selfies.  Again, I am so thankful for that pocket in my Katie K capris that I don’t need to wear a fanny pack! 

Thanks to friends over on my facebook page I also need to remember chapstick, tissues, sunscreen (please, sunscreen and not rain gear!), a little snack (but there are fuel and water stations, so not a lot) and flip flops and a jacket for post race. I’ll also probably need a long sleeve t-shirt that I don’t mind leaving behind at the start line.

What am I forgetting?  What are your essentials that you can’t run without?

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Friday Five: Five Blogs to Love and A Little Change

24 Apr


April is just too crazy of a time in our lives.  I will admit that I bring all the crazy onto myself.  Between last Friday and next Monday I’ll have done all of these things: Coached soccer twice  | Volunteered at a Red Shoe Chili Cookoff pouring beer with DOC | Took four boys to  Dave and Busters with DOC | Baked a cake | Became PTO Secretary | Helped create a fourth grade poster presentation, monologue and end of year presentation | Rebuilt a MLP Castle ($&*% million pieces) | Ran up a mountain | Bought all the supplies for a Fairy Garden Party | Hired a new summer sitter (fingers crossed) | Had a pizza night with friends |  Threw a Fairy Garden Party for three girls | Baked a cake | Ran a 5K | “Ran” a 1/2 (there will be walking) | Visited family | Started a new job.


At the top of “O Hill”. I might have thought about calling for Uber.

That’s right, after leaving my job at The University in December of 2013 and spending a year-and-a-half in the non-profit world, I’m heading back to The University in May.  What that means is that while I’m still going to be working on my health and wellness and being a wife and mom, I’ve decided to stop coaching for beachbody and running accountability groups on line. I’m still going to blog from time to time and share on social media at The Evolution of Mrs. Aimee C on facebook and instagram, but  far less.

Back to the University means back to my favorite gym!

Back to the University means back to my favorite gym! Please ignore evil eyes and wingy hair. 

SO!  I’d love to share with you some of my favorite people to follow who make me FEEL good about myself and where I am on my wellness journey, as a woman, as a wife and a mom.  I don’t like folks who don’t seem real or who I can’t relate with – so these ladies really connect with me and where I am in my life.

What You Can When You Can:  The women behind the #WycWyc Movement: Carla and Roni are legit.  They’re moms, fit chicks, wives, just trying to get shit done.  They are, as Carla says, unapologetically themselves, honest and kind.  I listen to their podcast on my runs.  They make me feel like I don’t need to be AMAZING ALL THE TIME – I just need to do the best I can in any given moment and accept that I don’t have to do it all.  They aren’t letting anyone off the hook – they just let you hit a pause and cut yourself some freakin’ slack.  Join their movement!

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans:  The Shrinking Jeans posted this earlier this week and I think I shared it everywhere.  This is as real of a reminder as we get.  IF you like doing challenges – they host them monthly, offer great advice, and a trusting community.  If you follow me, I think you’ll like this group!

Running With Curves: Jill Angie.  My gosh, she loves curvy women enough to write a book just for us!  She has built a curvy runner group that I love being a part of on facebook. This group is so MOTIVATING!  She hosts virtual races, gives tips on clothes for curvy women to move in!  Shocking!  I know!  If you are a curvy athlete – you NEED to follow Jill at Running with Curves.


(PS – speaking of curvy girl fitness clothes – I just tried these NEW Katie K Active’s Signature Urban Capri’s this week.  I swear I heard angels singing. Pants that stay up and have a perfectly positioned pocket to hold my chapstick and iphone?  YES!!!!  Visit KatieK active and if you choose to purchase anything use the code Aimee15 for 15% and free shipping on your order!)

AND OF COURSE the Friday Five Ladies Mar, Cynthia and Courtney AND the Official Pittsburgh Marathon Bloggers!

That is WAY more than Five – but no matter what stage of your journey you are in, I want you to find someone to connect with.  These are several that are meeting where I am in MY journey, and of course I still follow other blogs (Momastery, Relay Foods, What’s Up Black Dude) for other parts of my life, but for wellness and my well being, I choose these folks right now.

Who are YOU reading that motivates you to move and to love yourself?  Go visit the Friday Five Linkup – all the fifty plus bloggers over there are sharing THEIR favorites!  That’s a lot of reading and a whole lot of inspiration for you!

Make it a great weekend!

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I would love to see you on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

Blow Me Away

20 Apr


As you may know, I’ve been training for the Dicks Sporting Goods Pittsburgh HALF Marathon (and also the 5K the day before so that I can earn some extra bling in the Steel Challenge) and raising funds to Finish MS as a charity runner for the weekend. I was ALSO named one of a handful of runners as an Official Blogger for the weekend.

 Let me just tell you how intimidating all of this is!  These other bloggers are BLOW ME AWAY AMAZING!  Heather is running in her first trimester, Mar is a running coach and is a total running badass, Cherie is a trainer, has been in magazines for her amazing 85 pound weight loss, Jenifer is an elite runner qualifying for Olympic trials,  Baron is a muthaflipping ex Steeler and accomplished artist (he painted this year’s marathon poster) and I could go on and on about these eighteen fantastic folks. It’s an intimidating bunch for little old run-walker me.


My training hasn’t gone according to plan.  I’m still firmly planted in walk running.  I haven’t run-walked over seven miles.  It’s going to be hard.  But I’ve had fun getting these goofballs out with me a couple of times lately.  (ok, this run was actually “punishment” because they were grounded and I needed to burn off some of their energy – but STILL, we’ll call that little 5K a training run!)


I had a friend last week ask me what my race plan for the half is and this was my exact response as copied from messenger:

Race plan??
Get there. Run. Stop at water breaks. Take selfie’s.
Finish? Eh?

I guess my plan is survive?  Finish? Yes. I am running with professional athletes, and trainers, and elite runners. But I’m going to be there.

See you at the Finish Line! Save a Smiley Cookie for me, yinz!

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