Not So Pink Princesses

30 Apr

When The Diva was born we vowed we would not allow for pink princesses to take over our home.  We asked for her to receive no pink baby clothes, we did her room in yellow and black bumblebees (Pittsburgh purses and Steeler onesies look good in this room.)  Along about her second birthday we realized that pink was taking over.  She had pink everything and the princesses were everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.

Her birthday parties however have remained not so pink affairs.  I was SURE after this year’s Halloween costume when she went as Barbie and the pink nightmare that she was going to pick something pink.

I was thrilled when she said she wanted to have a craft party and invite both boys and girls.  Not wanting to upset this happy moment I gently suggested “Super Hero Capes” as the craft.  We created a Pinterest Board full of super hero capes and I said, “What about Ladybug Girl and Bumble Bee Boy and we do a Bug Squad party?”  And she LOVED it.  SCORE! I avoided the pink Disney princess, sparkle nightmare once again.

If you’ve never heard of Ladybug Girl – you are missing out! “New York Times bestselling Ladybug Girl series, which encourages independence and creative play, and celebrates imagination for every preschool child!” from Amazon.  Since the Diva was born, I’ve been reading her this series (as every good Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority sister should do!) and we just love playing Ladybug Girl.  The thing about her is, she is fiercely independent, plays well with others and is imaginative.  This series works well for a pre-school birthday party, because of her best friend Bumblebee Boy, and her friends the Bug Squad.



Off we went in search of easy no sew capes to make and a party to design.  I found these capes from  Jolly Mom on Pinterest.



Cape Number 1.

It took me about an hour watching Grey’s Anatomy to make ten capes using Jolly Mom’s easy to use template.  I used the least expensive felt I could find at Jo Ann’s fabric and got a 1/2 yard of five colors and was able to make three capes from each color.  I only needed two capes, so I had the remaining swatch of material to cut out shapes if the kids wanted to add to their own cape.  I also got each child their own initial to save on my cutting and some fabric markers.  Using a Jo Ann’s coupon I only spent $23.00 for the everything, the markers being the most expensive!


We also purchased some bug headbands and other decorations from Oriental Trading for the kids to create their own costumes at the party.  We set up in the backyard, allowed the kids to do whatever they wanted, including decorating capes, fighting imaginary bad guys (or big brothers) and climbing trees.  We had some bubbles, a stomp rocket was the hit, and we had out other scraps from past craft projects for those who wanted something a little less active.







IMG_6891 (2)




All in all, I think Ladybug Girl had a VERY good day, with some very sweet friends, and nobody ended up wearing a pink sparkly tiara.

Our Girl



It was the easiest birthday party we’ve ever put together and the least expensive.  Then again, all of the grown-ups involved went to bed early.  I’m not entirely sure how pre-school teachers survive a day.  We’re tired after a two-hour birthday party!

Happy 5th Birthday to our Not So Pink Princess!  

What are some empowering, creative, books you’ve seen lately for girls?  We’ve loved Fancy Nancy, the Pinkalicious series and we’ve just started on the another series, but we’re not in love with it yet.  I’m thinking this summer we try to tackle some good old-fashioned Ramona Quimby.





(Disclosure, the links to the Amazon books and toys are affiliate links.)


5 Responses to “Not So Pink Princesses”

  1. Becky April 30, 2014 at 2:30 pm #

    Have you ever read “The Paper Bag Princess”? It’s a favorite here.

    We totally embraced the pink, steeled ourselves during the Disney Princess years and lived to tell about it. My girl (who is 12) still thinks of herself as a princess, but most of that comes from the way the boys she’s grown up with treat her. She thinks that if a boy doesn’t treat her with respect, he is clearly not recognizing her princesshood and therefore, is completely unworthy. The Paper Bag Princess story sort of fits in with that attitude.

    And while L is years away from this, the girls really loved The Hunger Games. A girl who stands up for herself and leads the revolution? Yes.

    • MS_AimeeC May 7, 2014 at 9:40 pm #

      I’m going to have to look for that book! Have never seen it. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. runswithpugs May 1, 2014 at 1:03 am #

    So cute! I don’t have a little girl, so I’m not much help on the book front. I remember reading American Girl series (back before the dolls and the store), and Little House on the Prairie, and loving those.

    • MS_AimeeC May 7, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

      I have been tempted to do the American girl doll books with her. I’m just afraid she’s going to realize soon that she can have one of the dolls that she sees in the magazines that come to our house.😉

  3. Andrea July 28, 2014 at 4:31 pm #

    I am very late in replying, but have you read “The Princess Knight?” Our girls loved that book when they were younger and the message is fantastic.

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