You Wanna Get Foamy With Me?

29 Apr

I’m that girl.  I’m a little more Phoebe than Rachel when it comes to running. 



The one that embarrass her friends. And I’m ok with that.  


The one that can’t get enough of the mud, the color, the foam, the inflatables and the laughter.  If I’m going to run, it BETTER be FUN.  And the FoamFest 5K is the most fun I’ve ever had as an adult (legally, sober and well… you know…).  Here’s how I felt last year after we ran and my feelings have only grown stronger as the year has gone on.  Am I a year older?  Yes.  Am I a year wiser? Doubtful.  Am I way more in need of a good time this year than last year – YES. 

Here’s a great video the folks at FoamFest put together.  I am too pumped. I can’t wait.  

You wanna come with me?  You know you want to. 

Register now at locations all over the country at  (do it before Friday, in Virginia folks, Richmond is filling up fast!) 

and here’s a little extra Foamy love from me: 

I have a discount code for you:  Register today with “axfoam10” to save you a little cash for an extra beer or two at the finish line.  


So, come one.  RUN with ME!  Run where you live.  Just get out and run and have a blast.  Go ahead, be a Phoebe.  


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