Throw Back Thursday: The Little Green Belt

24 Jul

For my birthday in 2008 DOC got me an adorable dress, something like I hadn’t worn before, that had this adorable green belt.  I wore it to all kinds of dressy functions.  I wore it to a work function and thought I looked great.  


green dress tbt

Work Crew Summer 2008


See that green belt? When I look back on this picture all I see is how round I was.  I would not get pregnant with The Diva for another month!

I’ve continued to wear that belt (the dress, when it was two sizes too big, was given away). The belt has been worn with black or grey dresses, with skirts and cardigans, and I always got compliments on how trendy it looked, how fashionable, I felt cute in outfits with my little green belt.

That is until yesterday when the little green belt was worn to work, with a little grey dress that is far too big, to make that dress not look like a potato sack. Alas the little green belt was also far too big.  It came down to the last hole and the last hole had its last day ever.  

green belt

All the holes in this belt have been well loved.  The bottom three holes were the beginning, each hole in between was used as I lost weight to cinch in a dress or to pull together a cardigan .  That top hole, well, it hung in there as long as it could. If only there was one past you to continue on in service.

 Fair well, little green belt.  


TBT of the little green belt

Motivation Monday

21 Jul



Today is the start of my Evolution Group. It’s the first group I’ve led on a wellness mission.  I’m SO EXCITED!  

This group is completely diverse: young, old, wanting to lose weight, wanting to maintain weight but increase their fitness, single moms, stay at home moms, teachers off for the summer, women that work full time, and a grandmother. Most importantly these are women who are committed to each other for the next 21 days.  

TODAY is the hardest, because the hardest part is getting yourself to the starting line. It’s BRAVE to get to the starting line. It’s BRAVE to admit you need an accountability group because you’ve started and stopped a million times but this time will be different. It is an act of strength to admit you are weak and that you need help in focusing on yourself.    

I couldn’t be prouder of these twenty-five women!  


What’s your motivation today?  What is your biggest challenge in sticking with a workout plan or on track with healthy eating?  Any tips I can share with my group?  


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Friday Five: Friday Favorites

18 Jul

Oh Friday, you sweet pretty little thing!  Glad to see you!

This week’s Friday Five Link Up is all about our Friday Favorites. The Friday Five Girls (MarCourtneyCynthia), put together the Friday Five Link-up and hope you’ll head over to check them out. 


This Friday I want to share some of my new favorites.  

1.) Earlier this week I came across an article on Huffington Post.  I instantly fell in love with the writer, her mission and the movement.  Women, you are NOT too big to run – you just have to START to run.  You have to check out the Fat Girls Guide To Running.  Fatty, Julie calls herself Fatty, took the words of a doctor who told her she was too fat to run and built a movement to get other women, ALL women to run.  Her site, facebook page and blog are beautiful testaments to the belief that all women can start to take control of their own health and life.  

 Yep, here is me at the finish of my first mud run. A soaking wet, muddy mess.  I barely ran.  But begin to run I did.  

Me at the finish of my first mud run.

2.)  “Shift the focus from weight loss to life gain.”
Oh, how I LOVE this quote in this article from one of the past contestants of The Biggest Loser, Isabeau Miller. 

3.)  THIS WEATHER and Mid Day Workouts!

Finally the humidity broke after a rough week, of course the hottest most humid days were the ones when we moved, but the past few days have been perfect chances to break out of the office mid-day and get in a quick run.  I just found my new favorite product for the summer, BeautiControl’s SUNLOGICS Refreshing Towelettes.  These body wipes are great to get the sunscreen and sweat off of your face and body, and smell great!  I love using these as a quick refresher after a mid-day run.  I don’t have access to a shower at work, so these little babies get me back to work quickly without smelling like a baby wipe. sunlogic


This past few weeks I intentionally tried to reach out to friends.  I am so excited to have had lunch, coffee, mini workouts, planned get aways and sleep overs with great girlfriends.  I know I am so blessed to have these women in my lifel  

5.)  This sign right here


It’s one week until pro-football training camp.  Seven more Saturdays until college football.  Yes! Almost the best time of the year – Fall Football! That is a little bittersweet because I’ve been liking this summer so far, but fall is my favorite, I can’t lie.  

What are some of your favorite  inspirations lately?  How about your summer favorites? 


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Transformation Tuesday

15 Jul

Last week one of the ladies in my 21 Day Evolution group asked a question about how to reduce sugar for a sugar addict.  I answered her question abruptly by saying I went cold turkey, it’s the only thing that works. I felt badly about that and I went back to apologize and offer tips on what I needed to do to start my transformation.

What I meant to say was that going cold turkey off of sugar was my only option because I made that MY option. I made myself focus on eating low carb and refined sugar free … and when I say low carb, I mean, removing processed foods, flour, pasta, sodas, sweet tea and sweets from my diet.  I removed ice cream and cakes because they aren’t ‘worth it’ to me.  I researched a lot of ways to eat the foods I love without eating them with sugar, breads, pastas, etc. I kept eating the foods I love and that fueled my workouts by making substitutions. I ate spaghetti squash when the rest of the family ate pasta. When they eat subs, sloppy joes or philly cheese steaks I serve mine in a pepper, on quinoa or over zucchini noodles.  I gave up soda and sweet tea and switched to soda water at home via the Soda Stream or ordering soda water with lime when we went out to eat.  I ate greek yogurt with fruit and a little honey instead of a bowl of ice cream.  Instead of a king size snickers bar, I eat one square of good dark chocolate (the dark chocolate and sea salt is my favorite!) – see, nobody is perfect, you just have to make small swaps that are worth it to you.  I  made swaps that satisfied my nutrition and my cravings.  

A great place to start to find recipes is through Paleo or Low Carb blogs. One of my favorites is Peace Love and Low Carb , Kalyn’s Kitchen and using the blog for ideas at Relay Foods. I also have a lot of success finding low carb swaps on Pinterest, as you all know I’m addicted to pinterest!

These pictures below show a change in outfit sizes from a 3X/26 to XL/16 and nearly 80 lbs of Low Carb/low sugar, portion control and working out 4+ days a week. This is over 2 years of hard work.  There is still a long way to go.

PicMonkey Collage


Today, I’m wearing pants that are a little snug.  Let’s focus on the positives here, though, one thing I have also done besides MOVE more and EAT better was to  get rid of every size larger than the one I’m wearing today so I can’t creep back up the scale again.  These tight pants are a good reminder to tighten up my eating and focus on my goal of losing 50 pounds before the end of this year.

I’m so excited to try the 21 Day Fix with you and everyone who is doing 21 days of intentional eating, focusing on portion control and moving 30 minutes a day. Because the next 50 pounds still need to come off of me and I need to be more focused on my goals.  There’s still time to join the 21 Day Evolution group – sign up for the event and I’ll invite you to join the private group!


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You can earn free groceries if you haven’t used Relay Foods before!
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The Brain Drain

14 Jul

This weekend we moved.  We survived. I meant to wear my polar heart rate monitor to see how many calories we burned, but I forgot, so I plugged in eight hours of carrying boxes up stairs into My Fitness Pal.  While I typically never trust what MFP says for calories burned (it is always a lot higher than what my polar says), I’m pretty sure this is low, so, I’m going to round-up to one billion calories burned.


After two days of this we were beat last night.  I asked if I could go to sleep at 8:00 p.m. and the DOC told me that grown people don’t go to bed when it’s still light outside.  Well, that might be true, but I did fall asleep on the couch.  What?  Naps aren’t bed!

Our brains really hurt.  Ever get that?  When you’re so dehydrated and exhausted that your brain doesn’t really work?  Thinking of the answers to simple questions becomes SUPER HARD. Yesterday, loading in the kitchen I said to DOC, I can’t seem to figure out where pots and pans are supposed to go. This is too hard.  I really wanted to make a call to my most overly organized friends and show them what a mess I am and let their organization skills go to work.  I have a friend whose mom alphabetized her spice cabinet.  Yeah, I needed her to figure out the kitchen.

Therefore, today’s post is a cry for help.  I’d love to hear your best kitchen organization ideas, your kitchen hacks.  How do you organize a too small pantry?  Where do you keep your appliances (ice cream maker, food processor, electric skillet, kitchen aid mixer, crockpots, griddle) – do you keep them in the kitchen if you use them regularly and store them someplace else if you don’t (I’m looking at you ice cream maker)?   Comment your ideas below and I’ll post again next Monday about what progress I’ve made!

Sparkle on,



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Friday Five: Things I’m loving

11 Jul

This week’s Friday Five Link Up is something I’m horrible at – taking pictures of my workouts. I’ve told you all time and time again, I am the worlds worst selfie taker. I don’t take pictures of my workouts, my fitbit band broke, I always forget to take pictures of my polar. I could show you a whole bunch of old ones, but that’d be really faking. So, sorry Friday Five Girls (Mar, Courtney, Cynthia), I’m going rogue! (But you should check out their posts this week and all of the others doing the Friday Five Link-up because they are good at selfies and workout pics!)


I wanted to share with you some things I’m loving lately.


1.)  My BRAND NEW CUSTOM WORKOUT SHIRT!  WHAT?  Me, on a shirt.  Awesome.

I received an opportunity to order a custom Race Ragz shirt (thanks to the wonderful, amazing, inspirational Jenny from Jenny Hodges is Metamorfit) and offered one as a prize on my facebook page for the best idea.  Kim idea was a great one, to put “Because I’m Worth It” on my shirt, because of my National Running Day picture I created. I loved that idea, but when I went into design it, I felt a little braggy.  I mean, duh, yes, I’m worth it. But did I want that across my chest?  NAH, so I designed a little logo for myself and walla



I decided to go with the women’s v neck sleeveless top.  It looks cute.


The length is great, it is light enough that it doesn’t ride up and fits well.  You can put any design you want on the front and back. The only issue I have is that I don’t love the material.  I have other performance wear that is much softer feeling and it isn’t very breathable.  So, this top will definitely be worn a lot, to indoor workouts and cooler day runs.



Did I tell you guys I’m a soxy feet ambassador?

My Soxy Feet Ambassador Button Female


I purchased these very patriotic socks (see even my feet can’t take selfies) and this pair as well which say “My Light Shines Bright” it’s kind of exactly the same thing as SPARKLE ON, right?



Seriously, these socks are so cushiony and comfortable.  They are made with cool max (lycra and nylon) so you’re feet stay cool, dry and not stinky.  Just what every wanna be runner needs. I don’t make any commission off of you purchasing these socks or my ambassador status, my ambassadorness gets YOU rewards.  How’s that for awesome?  You can purchase as many pair as you need at Soxy Feet and use the code SOXYFRIENDS to get 10% off of your purchase.

(apparently, I also like making up words, cushiony and ambassadorness. WHATEVER spell check.)


3.)  My Evolution Group

Friends, family, friends of friends and family, fellow Spice Girls, have all joined in on the Evolution Challenge Group I created on Facebook.  (Sorry if you aren’t on facebook, maybe next time we’ll do a different kind of group.  Any ideas?) These ladies are all in different stages of their wellness evolution and I couldn’t be more excited for them!  We are all focused on 21 Days of Wellness.  I’ve encouraged the group to try the 21 Day Fix alongside me, but many people are choosing their own movement and portion control programs.  (Disclosure, I am NOT a beachbody coach.  I HAVE a beachbody coach, this is her link, I’m just trying out this program to see if I like the program. Please don’t spam my group to see if you can be their coach, I’ll block you faster than the Pittsburgh Steel Curtain!)


4.)  My husband & Our kids

Ok, ok.  I know we all mostly like our significant others most days, but mine has been a trooper lately.  With this move he’s having to do a lot of lifting, sorting, junking, but most of all listening to all of my random decorating ideas.  Sorry, DOC.  Thanks for listening to all of my crazy ideas about how I want our house to look.  You’re the best.

He’s also totally pumped that my bestie from college is visiting.  Pumped. And Scared.  And happy for me because I’ve been needing her a lot lately.



And even though she broke me up the other day, I love the Girl a metric $#&* ton.  She is growing up so tall and so fast and so smart and beautiful, it’s hard to keep up with her.  She and The Boy are finally at a stage where they are each others favorite playmates.  Maybe that’s because we have smushed them together this summer what with the no camp and one babysitter, but as soon as we get home at night they immediately start playing with each other instead of going straight to their own rooms to be alone.  I love that she is finally big enough to be his playmate and I adore how well he plays with her.  The sitter even complimented them for how well they do together – AND GET THIS – how much he watches out for and cares for her.  WHOA.  I don’t always see that behavior, but it’s great to hear that when they’re out in public they aren’t being buttfaces.


5.) My job


I love being a Special Event fundraiser.  I love the mission that I work for (The National MS Society).  The events that I plan have consumed me over the past several months and frankly, I’m kind of really very thankful that right now is the calm before the next storm.  Yes, there is a ton of work to do daily, but I’m thankful for a little lull.  Not that budget time is a lull mind you – it hurts my brain way more than event season.  Budgets are taxing.  -Am I right??

One of the cool parts of my job is when people do their own fundraisers for us!  There are many fundraising events taking place over the next few weeks! Join The Movement!

Two of the events that may interest you all are a Lia Sophia Jewelry Show and an 8K Run in Winchester, Virginia on July 26  The jewelry show is a party in Charlottesville, Virginia but even if you’re not here you can order through this party and the proceeds go to the National MS Society instead of me earning hostess rewards.  Don’t worry, you’re not wasting money for me to look awesome – you’re helping people with multiple sclerosis live their best lives now.  Visit and enter the hostess name (Aimee Carter) to place your order.  The woman planning the 8K is getting a ton of prizes and giveaways donated – it looks like the event is going to be great!  If you’re in the area, it’s a pretty inexpensive run and for a great cause!


What have you been loving lately?  Happy weekend.  Happy summer!  Take some time this weekend for selfie practice, you guys!   Be sure to check out the other Friday Fivers and don’t tell them how bad I am at selfies… they probably already know!

Sparkle on,




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Kids Say The Darndest Things

9 Jul

This article. The article that started it all. Mom empowerment for this summer.  Determined to enjoy kids this summer,  moms embraced this article, rightly so, and set out to enjoy summer with our kids.  Hooray for moms! You’re so right, Jessica. I will put on that suit and I will run into the splash pool with the kids and I’ll show my daughter that no matter your size it’s ok to play at the pool. I am the fun mom giving my kids all of the memories of a fun mom they deserve.

Except that she said this to me as we were getting dressed to head out into the pool,

“Mommy, I don’t like this hangy part on your legs. It doesn’t look good.”

OUCH.   Cue five second spiral of shame in a public pool shower stall.

Damn that mom power article.  Damn me for not getting the mom suit with the skirt attached.  Damn the loose skin.  Damn it all.

My daughter’s words stung. As proud as I am of my smaller size this summer, the loose skin on my thighs is as embarrassing as my larger size was. It’s dimpled and scary looking and right about at kids eye level.  That hangy part is hanging there over strong muscle. But kids can’t see that strong muscle, they only see the part they don’t like.  The part that doesn’t look good.  And kids, they vocalize it.  I know my sweet girl didn’t mean to hurt my feelings.  DOC always asks me why I let little kids hurt my feelings and it’s because they speak the truth.  They don’t intentionally mean to hurt you, they don’t have malice yet, they just say what comes into their heads.  Most Grown-ups have a filter that we use to stop us from saying “hey, ya packed on a few pounds there girl, haven’t ya” or “yeah, maybe you shouldn’t be going out in public in that suit”.  We say it to ourselves in the mirror, or on the scale.  We say it to ourselves when we see an unflattering picture of ourselves. However kids, speak their truth.

I explained that part of mommy is special because I workout so hard and it’s because of my muscles.  I explained that part of me is special because I workout so hard and that I’m sorry that she doesn’t love it.  She replied that she loves me and to hurry up before they blow the break whistle.  We had swimming to do.

Kids.  They are brutal.  They are hurtful.  And we’d do anything for them. Including getting into the pool with our not looking good hangy down parts and bruised egos, because it is fun.  Jessica is right, I won’t stop being a fun mom in the pool, but maybe next year I’ll buy the mom suit with the skirt attached.

pool moms


Sparkle on,



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