Making Plans

18 Nov
WHEW! The last week has been a whirlwind for me.  Literally.  On Monday I worked out harder than I ever have, I made myself dizzy.  I did things I’d never done before including coming up out of the saddle on the bike, doing a box jump (ok, bench jump, but STILL), these strange pikes on the TRX, hamstring curls on the TRX, balance and arms on the Bosu, and a breathing technique in yoga class that made me not want to make eye contact with anyone for fear of busting out laughing.  I did prisoner squats down to the medicine ball, and stood back up!  Coming out of the saddle, doing bench jumps, and squatting ALL the way down are things I simply couldn’t do 2 weeks ago, let alone 8 weeks ago when my knee was ‘better’.  There is such an improvement I’m in shock!
As we head towards the end of my time at Clay Fitness and head towards the end of the calendar year my thoughts have been turning towards resolutions.  The ladies at Clay and all of you who have been cheering me on have me in a shape I’ve never been in during my entire adulthood.  This has been a hard ten weeks, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Hyam, the owner of Clay, has seen me break down in tears on more than one occasion.  Not just the tears in my eyes because my knee hurt, but all out frustration that my mind and my heart want so much out of this life, but my body was not cooperating.  My body is ready now for the next stage and I know it’s time to set those goals.
Years ago I worked for the National  MS Society.  I truly loved that job.  I was part of a team that put on events like the MS Walk, the MS Bike Tour and the MS Challenge Walk. People would always ask me if I would participate in the Bike Tour.  I said no, for two reasons, 1.) I can’t run the event and participate and 2.) You’re not going to catch my ass in spandex.  I don’t trust you people not to take pictures! Well, now I’m posting pictures of my own ass on facebook in spandex and I’m biking.  On a stationary bike and not out on the road… but WHAT IF?  What if all of this work was to get my body moving towards something?  Like a half marathon? Or the MS Bike Tour? I’m not signing up for anything yet, but my mind is making plans.
Eight weeks ago I told Hyam that I hated cycling, and now look at me.  Thinking about riding. Like I said, this has been a whirlwind.  I’m dizzy just thinking about it.
If you are on a fitness journey, what was the first “reach” event that you signed up for?  Was it a ten miler, a half marathon, a mud run, a cycling event, a triathlon?  Something else?  What training program did  you use and how did you know you were ready to start?  
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4 Responses to “Making Plans”

  1. Tori S. November 18, 2013 at 2:11 pm #

    My first “reach” event is a half marathon. I will be running the Seaside (Florida) Half Marathon on March 2, 2014. I have been training for about 7 weeks of a 22 week program using a Jeff Galloway training guide. I will also be doing several 5K and 10Ks along the way. I have talked about doing a half marathon for years and my dad jokes me about it all the time, expecially when I am not running at all. I am so excited to make this happen. Reach for the stars Aimee. You can do anything!!!

  2. Jen November 19, 2013 at 3:37 pm #

    My first reach was the 4-miler, followed six weeks later by a 10K, then followed eventually (but not quickly) by a 10-miler and a half marathon. I’d like to do another half marathon, but don’t think I could run one, so I’m trying to decide if I could walk/run one in a reasonable amount of time.

  3. Kimberly Job November 24, 2013 at 12:29 am #

    My sister-in-law approached me with the idea of us training for a half marathon in July 2014. I’m one of those who is always “trying” to lose weight, but I’m usually not very succesful, or if I am, it doesn’t last. I’m sick of it. So, I told her yes. I started in October at 275 pounds. I’m now somewhere around 255. I’ve been using the Couch 2 10K Pink app. It slowly builds up the amount of time you run. I’m actually repeating week 3 again for the 3rd time next week because it’s been a struggle. But I am making progress, even though it’s slow. I’m determined the half marathon is going to happen, even if I have to walk. :)


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